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New & Good Things at Southminster

Our Welcome and Engagement committee is the newest committee of the session and you may not know much about them but they have been hard at work in the back-ground over the last six months. We have lovingly started to refer to this group as the “Wheee!” committee because it is a fun group doing exciting work. Tasked to look at membership interaction and communication, as well as making our church welcoming and warm for guests, the WE committee has been preparing a brand new logo and website.

The new logo is a connected cross. Inspired partly by the celtic crosses of old that weave knots to create the cross itself. Celtic knots are woven to have no beginning or end, representing family, strength, protection, and love. “This is a symbol of the two churches merging together to form one—the purple line and green lines combining into the blue. It symbolizes the past but also reaches into the future by indicating the closeness of the congregation, its deep connection, as well as movement and life.” You will see the logo as the header in our bulletins and newsletter and it will appear on new signage around the church.

Our new website is very close to going live. This new resource will be user friendly and inviting. It will have helpful information for members as well as a beautiful introduction to first time guests. On the website, you will find articles, links to giving opportunities, as well as video resources about our wonderful congregation.

Lastly, we have been working on the new church directory. In many ways, the new directory will be similar to what you are used to seeing from Olin Mills or Lifetouch. We will be able to print and make them in booklet form for any member who would like a copy. That is where the similarities end.

Our new directory will also be available as an app on your phone or device. Church members will be able to access an address, phone number, email address, or picture with ease. The app is robust, password safe, and very easy to use. The unique password would only be available to members. The app will link an address to google maps for helpful navigation and the phone number and email address will be one click away to contacting church friends. You will NOT need to make a photo appointment or sit through a high pressure sales pitch. Photos can be sent by email to Betsy or we can take them here at the church if you would like. We can change photos easily at any time. The WE committee is excited to start showing you its hard work.




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