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August at Southminster

I hope you are surviving these rather warm days of summer. While the heat will continue on for a few more months, we are eager for a new season here at Southminster. With August comes fresh new starts to many of our great programs. There are two very important dates that you need to make sure are on your calendar.

August 13th is Rally Day Sunday when we will have a wonderful breakfast and hear about the Sunday School opportunities coming this fall. This will be the last day of the summer single worship service schedule as well. We will ask God’s blessing for our students, teachers, educational staff with the blessing of the backpacks in our worship service

Starting on August 20th, we begin the regular year schedule with two worship services and full Sunday School schedule. There is a slight change to the times from last year and it is important to note. The first service will start at 8:15 am, just like last year. Sunday School will begin just a little earlier than last year at 9:15. The second service is changing the most, starting at 10:30 am. We will be announcing this change often over the next few weeks.

I want to thank you all for the wonderful feedback from our walk through Romans this summer. It has been fun reading our text with the lessons found in our most loved hymns. This series will wrap up on August 13th in Romans 10. I am very thankful for our amazing and talented music staff who helped brainstorm this series and plan out the musical selections.

Starting August 20th, we will begin a new 6 week journey in the Narrative Lectionary. This series will walk through some of the great narratives of the Old Testament. The series is titled “No Way Out”. God gives us strength to move forward in times when it seems there is no way out. Please be sure to join us in August and September.

August 20th- Saving- the story of Noah

August 27th- Blessing- the promise to Abram

September 3rd- Protecting- the life of Joseph

September 10th- Delivering- a people free of Egypt

September 17th- Consecrating- the law given by God

September 24th- Serving- the declaration of Joshua


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