ACOLYTE OR CROSS BEARER OPPORTUNITY Interested in being an acolyte or cross bearer for Sunday worship?   We suggest age 6 at the minimum. Contact Ben Acton, or Sheri Hall at 240-2935 or by email,, for more information.


JOIN A CARE TEAM!  Care Teams have been a ministry of Southminster which has gladdened hearts for over 40 years! We offer food and visits to those who are ill or grieving or who need other support.  We also prepare special receptions for guests at funerals when the family desires.  Please add your name for an open slot on the calendar in the narthex or call the church office.


ABLE TO SERVE BREAKFAST OR DINNER?  We are looking for volunteers to serve breakfast or dinner on occasional days at First Light Center for Homeless Women and Children, in downtown Birmingham.  Contact Heather Benoit for details and sign up on the Outreach Bulletin Board in the hallway outside the church offices.


"THIS SOUTHMINSTER LIFE":  features stories from various Southminster members and explores how our journeys of faith lead us to walk with Christ towards the cross and beyond. Check out the "mp3" files below to hear stories from Natalie Reed, Marlee Jacobs, Bill & Betsy Murphy, and Tommy & Ann Tillman.




tommy ann week 4.mp3