***All classes meet from 9:15 to 10:15 AM .***

Children and Youth:

Nursery (Infant to 2.5 year olds)                                                                                      

Location: Room 213 (Sanctuary level)

Our youngest children can enjoy a safe, fun, nurturing time with our dependable and compassionate nursery staff and volunteers, enabling parents to enjoy an adult Sunday School class of their choosing!

Children's Sunday School (Pre-K-4th Grade)                            Teachers: Ginny Ezekiel and Allison McWilliams

Location: Wee Believers Rooms

Children gather to hear the day's Bible story and experience the scirpture through art, song and sometimes even drama! Children are encouraged to make connections between the story and their lives and to listen for what they learn in the worship service!

Youth Sunday School (Middle School and High School)

Location: Back Door                                                               Teachers: Patrick Riley, Jane Holbert, Robert Newman

On Sundays this spring, youth are completing a series entitled "Building Your Spiritual Toolkit." Each unit youth will learn a new way to read and interact with scripture, as well as new prayer practices. Each unit also includes one week of mission and one week of fellowship and games.



FRIENDSHIP CLASS                                                                   Meets in Grace Hall – First room on the right

Get a preview of worship each week as this class discusses the Lectionary Readings. The conversations that take place lead to a deeper understanding of how Presbyterian teaching and worship is rooted in Holy Scripture.


GRACE CLASS                                                                        Meets in Grace Hall – Second room on the right

Each week this class explores the week's Bible story and seeks to connect the story with their lives and the world around them.


JOYOUS SOULOS CLASS                                                              Meets in Grace Hall - First room on the left

This class does a variety of Bible studies with lots of humor, energy, and good fellowship! Recent topics have included studies on the book of Genesis and the Gospel of John.


SEEKERS CLASS                                                                           Meets in the Library

The class of young adults and young parents uses multiple studies as they “seek” to respond to the BIG questions that accompany a life with Christ.