For nearly 60 years, Southminster Presbyterian Church has been "home" for so many, providing: 

*a sacred place to worship and encounter God's presence

*a classroom of faith formation and spiritual development for children, youth, and adults

*a launching pad for ministries in the wider community

*a family table of hospitality where we have welcomed one another as Christ has welcomed us

Also, our Day School celebrates 50 years of providing first class education for elementary age children, grounded in those same core values of hospitality, learning, and love.

As we look to celebrate this rich heritage, abundant present, and joyous future God has blessed us with, we hope you will join us in celebrating a "Welcome Home".

 Important Dates:

*Day School Celebration Kick-Off: Southminster Day School Chapel Program (Friday, September 8)

*Home-Building Hospitality: A Habitat For Humanity fund and volunteer raising campaign where we will partner with other churches in the Presbytery and the Day School to build a home with our local Habitat affiliate. Click here to help our fundraising efforts. 

*Foundations of Faith: A celebration of 40 years of youth attending conferences at Montreat (Wednesday, September 13)

*A "Welcome Home” Picnic and Worship: A fellowship event on Saturday, with members past and present as well as the Day School and the wider community in attendance, and a worship service on Sunday reflecting on ministry past, present, and future (October 28 and 29).

For more information contact: Anniversary Planning Team Members (Church) Ben Acton, Pete and Sheri Van Pelt, Emily Jordan, Rick Reed; (Day School): Brooke Heisler, Kent Howard, Emily Jordan, Patrick Riley.